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The Art of Negotiation and Convincing

Have you found yourself in a situation when you couldn’t find the appropriate expression, the most perfectly suiting term? When you didn’t know how to achieve your aim at a conference – especially in a foreign language conference?
Even one well formed and aimed sentence can mean success in business communication, therefore it is vital to have confident international skills in English even in difficult situations!

The Art of Negotiation and Convincing
Refine and develop valuable skills in negotiating with clients, suppliers and other third parties
3-4 July 2012, Budapest

  • What is the difference between international and national negotiations?
  • How does different cultural relation to time influence a negotiation process?
  • What particular techniques do certain cultures usually use?
  • Is there an international negotiation strategy?
  • Is there a generally accepted ‘diplomatic’ culture?
  • How can we master even the hard situations?
  • How can we avoid obstacles and traps at a negotiation?
  • How to apply problem-solving attitude during a negotiation?
  • How to recognize, develop and apply those interpersonal skills and techniques vital to a successful negotiation?

This training is the first module of Business English Academy by IIR Hungary. The second one is:
Successful Business Writing
Create dynamic and powerful written reports, proposals, letters and communications
28-29 August 2012, Budapest

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