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FEE Newsletters

These Communiqués are intended for the sole benefit of FEE Member Bodies. They are not official record of the meeting or of the decisions taken and has not been approved by the Executive. The agenda and the minutes of the meeting can be found on FEE Extranet as soon as they are available. For further information, please contact the FEE Secretariat.

FEE Weekly News
FEE Weekly News - Olvassa mindig az aktuális, heti FEE Hírlevelet!
FEE Communiqué - 2009 - October
FEE Communiqué - 2009 - May
FEE Communiqué - 2009 - April
FEE Communiqué - 2009 - March
FEE Communiqué - 2009 - February
FEE Communiqué - 2009 - January
FEE Communiqué - 2008 - November
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